Nigeria Army Ranks and Salary 2021/2022 [UPDATED]

If you are going to join the Nigerian Army as a recruit or through short service, you should be familiar with the Nigeria Army Ranks and their structured monthly salary. In essence, Nigerian military or armed forces are very important for any country in the world. They are often grouped into 3 (three) parts, namely; … Read more

How Much is UNILORIN School fees for Freshers 2021/2022

UNILORIN School Fees For freshers 2021/2022, How to pay UNILORIN school fees/acceptance fees, and Additional information. UNILORIN School fees for freshers and returning students. Regarding the School fees for freshers, Unilorin Management has announced the amount that must be paid as School fees for freshers and returning students of the institution. Students who have been … Read more

Wellspring University JUPEB Admission Form for 2021/2022 [UPDATED]

Wellspring University JUPEB Admission Form for the 2021/2022 academic session is now available. Below are the requirements, how to apply and additional information. Wellspring University JUPEB Admission Form The Wellspring University Preliminary Program, Benin City, Edo is a year-long advanced preparatory program run by the Joint University Preliminary Examination Board (JUPEB) to prepare students for … Read more

Facts about the urban and rural education system in Nigeria

Education is the most important aspect in societal development school plays a major role in development. As for students, they need to have good skills and be proactive with an appropriate futuristic set of mind.  Besides that, students also need to be active in co-curricular activities along with high academic achievements. Urban areas relate to … Read more

How does Education contribute to the national development? And the ways to improve it in the country

Education is the main pillar of any society. In all spheres of a nation, education plays a major role. As we all know, education simply means the process of acquiring knowledge and without the facts how does a nation develop? In the world today some countries are called developed while others are developing or underdeveloped, … Read more

Indiscipline in Secondary school in Nigeria, and how the Students exhibit the behavior

The rate at which indiscipline is aggravating in the country is not encouraging at all, most especially in our schools. To shed more light on it that is why this article is written. It is to expose the act of indiscipline in the secondary schools in Nigeria so that indiscipline would be eradicated in our … Read more

Discourse on the problems facing the Government-owned schools in Nigeria and solutions to it

A school is a place where educational institutions provide primary and secondary education, prior to tertiary education, according to “”. This generally means a school is a place where learning of educational activities for the students takes place. But what are the problems that are affecting the government-owned school in Nigeria? The problems are going … Read more

How a good quality teacher can influence the students positively in some ways

When a teacher has a lot of good qualities, it is very obvious that such a teacher will be capable to influence the Students in a lot of proper ways. But what are the ways to determine a good quality teacher or what are the characteristics of a good quality teacher? There are many undisputable … Read more

Ways to facilitate the teaching of Basic science subject in secondary, and primary schools in Nigeria

Basic science in secondary/primary school is very essential for students because the subject comprises a lot of topics which the students in the country should have knowledge about. It is very important for the students in the country to have deep knowledge of basic science as it can contribute to the growth of a country … Read more

Imam Hamzat College of Education School fees for 2020/2021 Final Year Students

Imam Hamzat College of Education School fees for 2020/2021 Final Year Students, other expenses, account number for the institution, and additional information. Imam Hamzat College of Education, Ilorin School fees and other student fees for final year for the second semester, 2020/2021 academic session. Imam Hamzat College of Education School fees for 2020/2021 Final Year … Read more

Nigeria independence Constitution of 1960 and the first republican constitution of 1963

The Nigeria Independence constitution of 1960 and the first republican constitution of 1963. FEATURES OF NIGERIA INDEPENDENCE CONSTITUTION OF 1960 1. Parliamentary system: The Nigeria independence constitution provided for a democratic parliamentary system of government. 2. Federal system: A federal system of the government was retained. 3. Head of state: The Governor-General was the ceremonial … Read more

Definition of Multi-party and Zero-party System

Definition of Multi-Party and Zero-Party System, features of multi-party and zero-party system, merits/advantages of multi-party system and zero-party system, demerits/disadvantages of multi-party system and zero-party system. A multi-party system can be defined as a system with more than two political parties contesting for political power in a country. All the parties are duly registered and … Read more

Definition of Political party

Definition of political party, characteristics of a political party, importance of a political party, disadvantages/demerits of a political, types/structures of a political party.      A political party is defined as an organized group of citizens, who act together as an a political unit, having distinctive aims and objectives involving political questions in the state and … Read more

Definition of party system (Two-party system)

    A two-party system may be defined as the existence of only two major political parties in a political system. These two parties are constitutionally recognized to contest elections.     Britain is a good example of a two-party state. There are two major political parties labor and conservative parties. The liberal party isa minor party. U.S.A, … Read more

Meaning of the judiciary arm of government

           The judiciary constitutes the arm of government that interprets the law of the state and applies the existing law to individual cases, In any modern state, the liberty of individuals depends upon the fairness of the courts in protecting against the tyranny of Overzealous members of the government. In Nigeria, … Read more

Meaning of fundamental human right

Definition     Fundamental human rights can be defined as those inalienable (natural) rights, and privileges enjoyed by the citizens of a given state, which is usually stated in the constitution of the country.  It is the responsibility of the state to ensure that its citizens enjoy these rights. These are the rights of the … Read more

Executive: Definition, Functions and Types.

        The executive arm of government is the organ responsible for policymaking and implementation of policies and laws made in the country. The executive arm of government is the same with administration or cabinet, the president or prime minister of a country, governors of states, ministers, the civil service, the armed forces, the police, etc, … Read more

Meaning of Constitutionalism

   MEANING OF CONSTITUTIONALISM        Constitutionalism is based on the belief that the powers of the various organs of the government should be defined and regulated by the constitution, so that those who govern the Society do so without denying or violating human dignity. This shows that limitations are placed in the performance of their functions … Read more

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