Leadway assurance company salary for Graduates

Leadway assurance company salary 4 graduates: Are you interested in working or securing a job at Leadway assurance company? If so, then you are in the right page. You will see the list of salary Leadway assurance company is paying their graduate employees and what does Leadway Assurance pay graduate trainee. Brief information about Leadway … Read more

Definition of constitution

    Definition of constitution    A constitution is defined as a bodyof agreed rules and principles stating how topowers of governing a country are given andhow these powers are to be exercised. Constitution isestablishes a basic framework or fundamental law of the land. By so doing, it checks and sets limits not only to the … Read more

Unilorin hostel allocation for Freshers 2022/2023

Unilorin hostel allocation for freshers 2022, how to apply for unilorin hostel, and additional information about hostel allocation in Unilorin. The Management of the University of Ilorin Unilorin has announced the allocation of hostel for freshers 2021. The allocation of hostel is said to Start on Monday, July 5 2021 at 11:am. Freshers in Unilorin … Read more

Meaning of Agriculture

     Agriculture is derived from two Latin words ager and culture which means field and cultivation respectively. Agriculture is the tilling of the soil to produce both food and cash crops, livestock, etc. COMPONENTS OF AGRICULTUREThe main components of agriculture are: (i) Crop production (ii) Livestock farming (iii) Forestry (iv) Fishery Crop productionCrop production is in two … Read more

Meaning of industry and Industrialization

Definition of Industry and Industrialization Industry: The term industry refers to a group of firms that produce broadly similar goods or offer broadly similar services e.g. all the firms producing cement belongs to the cement industry. The firm on the other hand refers to an independently administered business unit that carries out production, construction, or distribution … Read more