What inflation means in economics

                                  MEANING OF INFLATION        Inflation refers to a persistent and sustainable rise in the general price level. A general phenomenon during a period of inflation is the continuous fall of the value of money in the economy.        PRICE … Read more

Introduction to money and trade by barta

Trade by Barter       Trade by barter is the direct exchange of goods for goods, goods for services, or services for services. It was a system of exchange that was in use before the introduction of money. Problems of a trade by barter1) Problem of double – coincidence of wants: It was time-consuming and energy-sapping … Read more

Federal University of Technology, Akure Screening Exercise for Undergraduate Enrollment

EXTENSION OF 2020/2021 POST-UTME SCREENING EXERCISE FOR UNDERGRADUATTE ADMISSIONS CLOSING DATE FOR REGISTRATION NOW NOVEMBER 30, 2020. Federal University of Technology, Akure online registration for post-UTME screening exercises for destination entry at ALL PROGRAMS for the year 2020/2021. The academic session starts on Monday the 21st. September and ends on Monday, November 30th, 2020. PRINTING … Read more

Definition of constitution

    Definition of constitution    A constitution is defined as a bodyof agreed rules and principles stating how topowers of governing a country are given andhow these powers are to be exercised. Constitution isestablishes a basic framework or fundamental law of the land. By so doing, it checks and sets limits not only to the … Read more

Osun State University resumes academic activities after curfew relaxation

OSUN STATE UNIVERSITY Continuation of 24 hour curfew relaxation announced last Saturday by the Governor of Osun state, Adegboyega Oyetola Members of Staff should be continued on Friday the 30th October 2020 Students must know that academic activities are starting on Monday, November 2, 2020. It is suitable for employees and students note that there … Read more

Meaning of industry and Industrialization

Definition of Industry and Industrialization Industry: The term industry refers to a group of firms that produce broadly similar goods or offer broadly similar services e.g. all the firms producing cement belongs to the cement industry. The firm on the other hand refers to an independently administered business unit that carries out production, construction, or distribution … Read more

Meaning of Agriculture

     Agriculture is derived from two Latin words ager and culture which means field and cultivation respectively. Agriculture is the tilling of the soil to produce both food and cash crops, livestock, etc. COMPONENTS OF AGRICULTUREThe main components of agriculture are: (i) Crop production (ii) Livestock farming (iii) Forestry (iv) Fishery Crop productionCrop production is in two … Read more

Meaning of Delegated legislation

NOTE: Before you read this, have you understood what the “Constitution” is all about? Definition of delegated legislation     Delegated legislation is defined as the act of transferring powers and functions through the Acts of parliament to other organizations such as ministers, local governments, public Corporations (NEPA, Water Board), etc.      Parliament finds … Read more

Importance of natural resources in Nigeria.

       Natural resources refer to the materials or substances with which a nation has been endowed by nature and which are necessary for the production of human wants. They are mostly associated with land in all its ramifications.      Examples of natural resources are the minerals in the ground and vegetation. Natural … Read more

Definition of a unitary System of government and Reasons for the adoption of the unitary system government

Definition of a unitary system of government, reasons for a adoption of the unitary system of government, features of a unitary system of government, merits of a unitary system of government, and demerits of a unitary system of government. Definition of a unitary system of government/Unitary State      A unitary system of government can be … Read more