Colleges That Accept 2.5 GPA In Florida 2024/2025

Colleges That Accept 2.5 GPA In Florida 2024/2025: There are plenty of colleges available in United States that do have a high GPA for admission. However, this post will only focus on the list of available colleges in Florida that set 2.5 as the minimum GPA requirement. If I’m correct, one of the reasons why you are searching for this type of information is; “2.5 is your current GPA in high school”. If that is the case, then you in the right place.

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Moving forward, are you aware that high school graduate requires at least a 3.0 GPA to gain admission into any highly-rated university in the United States? The real question now Is it possible to gain admission into colleges with a 2.5 GPA from your high school?

Colleges That Accept 2.5 GPA In Florida 2024/2025

Yes you can, even though you have a 2.5 GPA, which is below average, you still have a possibility of getting into one of the universities covered in the article’s later sections. Therefore, I will be revealing the list of Colleges that accept 2.5 GPA In Florida with a brief information about each school.

Colleges That Accept 2.5 GPA In Florida

Check out the list of college that accept 2.5 GPA in Florida;

  1. Chipola College
  2. Daytona State College
  3. Florida Gateway College
  4. Florida Southwestern State College

1. Chipola College

On the list of Florida colleges that accept a 2.5 GPA, Chipola College comes in first place. It is a public college with a state-of-the-art Center of Art that cost $60 million and is located in Marianna, Florida.

The History of Chipola College

The post secondary institution, formerly known as Chipola Junior College, was founded in 1947 and is now the third-oldest college in the state.

With slightly over 2,000 students, Chipola Institution ranks as Florida’s third-smallest college. That doesn’t diminish his ability to provide a seamless and high-quality academic service, nevertheless.

Entry Requirements

Before your application receives the proper consideration, you must comply with the following standards.

ACT, PERT, or SAT score of 19 or 26
official transcripts from each high school you attended in the past.
Since it verifies whether you are an in-state or out-of-state student, a residency declaration is essential.
Procedure for Admission to Chipola College
Step 1: Prepare all admissions prerequisites for Chipola University, such as SAT test scores and a residency declaration document.

Step 2: Log in to Chipola College admission portal @ to proceed.

Step 3: Complete the application for admission with correct information before submitting it. You might have to wait 2 to 3 weeks before your application is processed in the interim.

2. Daytona State College

Due to its efficient academic schedule, calm studying atmosphere, and superior academic service delivery, Daytona State College one of the list of Florida’s 28 state colleges.

History of Daytona State College

The college was founded in 1957 and has approximately 30,000 students. It is a part of the Florida College System. Located in Daytona Beach, Florida, DSC, as it is affectionately known, is a public college. You might find it interesting to know that the institution became a four-year college in 2006.

The southeast museum of photography is housed on its blue and white campus.

Six bachelor’s degrees in applied science, education, business management, science in engineering technology, science in nursing, and science in information technology are offered by the college.

Admission Requirements for Daytona State College
The criteria for admission to Daytona State College include:

a high school certificate that meets Florida standards or one that is equivalent from another state or country.
a 2.5 overall grade point average across all higher education courses
60 or more college credits, 15 of which must be in general education transferrable courses.
Admissions procedures at Daytona State College
If you meet all the prerequisites for admission listed above, visit the Daytona State College admissions page to submit an application.

Complete the application form with the most recent information, then turn it in to the proper department. Before submitting the form, don’t forget to include the necessary documents and information.

Tuition at Daytona State College

It is safe to assume that the tuition at Daytona State College for the current academic session will not be less than $3,000 for in-state students and $11, 000 for out-of-state students based on the tuition fees paid by newly admitted students last year.

Florida citizens are expected to pay no less than $11,300 once fees, books, and supplies have been taken into account, while non-residents should have at least $21,000 ready.

Fee for Acceptance at Daytona State College

The admittance rate at Daytona State College is among the lowest in the nation. The 100% acceptance rate at Daytona indicates that if all requirements are met and the proper application procedures were followed, 100 out of 100 applicants will be accepted.

3. Florida Gateway College

Another Florida university with a respectable acceptance rate is Florida Gateway. The university, which is situated in Lake City, Florida, has a 153-acre campus that is tinted yellow and green.

History of Florida Gateway College

The history of Florida Gateway College dates back to 1947, when it was known as the Columbia Forestry School. It got its current name in 2008 and has since become one of Florida’s top institutions and others nationwide.

Florida Gateway College, also referred to as FGC, is a public university that is a part of the Florida College System. You can be sure that your time at the school won’t be boring at all with its many extracurricular activities, which include football, baseball, and music competitions.

Admission requirements for Florida Gateway College

FGC emphasizes a simple, quick, and transparent admissions process; as a result, there aren’t many requirements. However, the following criteria must be met in order to be considered for admission by the College:

  • A General Education Diploma (GED) or high school diploma with a minimum GPA of 2.5
  • Outstanding ACT or SAT scores are a benefit but are not required.
  • Your prospects will be improved if you participate in extracurricular activities in high school.

Tuition for Florida Gateway College

Attending The Florida Gateway College doesn’t have to break the budget because FGC is reasonably priced.

Residents of Florida should budget no more than $3,500, excluding additional small costs, whereas non-residents should set aside $10,000.

Students attending Florida Gateway College in-state will require a minimum of $11k to cover all fees, including tuition, books & supplies, and living expenses. Students from other states need to budget at least $21k.

Acceptance at Florida Gateway College

Florida has a less selective acceptance rate of 68%, which means that 68 out of 100 candidates will be given the opportunity to enroll in any program of their choice, subject to eligibility.

4. Florida Southwestern State College

Florida Southwestern State College, which has four satellite campuses spread throughout the state in Fort Myers, Punta Gorda, Naples, and LaBelle, is last on the list.

Depending on the program you pick, Florida Southwestern State College will admit high school graduates with a 2.5 GPA.

History of Florida Southwestern State College

Since its founding in 1962, Florida Southwestern State College has advanced significantly. Edison Junior College, Edison Community College, and Edison College were the institution’s previous names until settling on its current one in 2014.

Florida Southwestern College, also known as FSW, offers 18 certificate programs, 5 bachelor’s degrees, and 21 associate degrees with a focus on technology, business, healthcare, and education.

Acceptance Rate at Florida Southwestern State College

Since FSW’s acceptance rate is 100%, it is not competitive, which explains why there are so many applicants for admission. As long as you meet the standards, you can be certain of getting accepted into the college.

Admission Requirements for FSW

Candidates for the Associate in Science (AS) degree must submit a high school diploma from a recognized Florida public high school that is P.E.R.T. eligible.

  • A high school transcript or GED test results are required.
  • immaculate medical records
  • A non-refundable application fee is required.

Fees for Florida Southwestern State College

Particularly for students from the state, FSW is ranked as one of Southwest Florida’s most economical universities. Without other costs, in-state students must spend little more than $3,401 in tuition, while out-of-staters must have at least $12,000 available.

For the same reasons, in-state students need at least $12k to pay their living expenses in addition to tuition, books, and supplies. The entire cost of attendance at Florida Southwestern State College should be at least $26,000 for out-of-state students.

Admissions at Florida Southwestern State College

  • To apply, go to the FSW admissions portal.
  • Select the application kind you want, such as freshmen, transfers, readmissions, etc.
  • Complete the application form and send it in with all the necessary paperwork.
  • In 7 business days, your application will be processed.

Wrapping Up Colleges That Accept 2.5 GPA In Florida 2024/2025

I’m confident that post has satisified your search intent regarding the colleges that accept 2.5 GPA in Florida. However, we cannot assure you that this information will still be accurate as at the time you will be reading it. We urge you to visit the official website for each institution for the updated information. In the main time, this page will be updated if there is a need to.

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