How does Education contribute to the national development? And the ways to improve it in the country

Education is the main pillar of any society. In all spheres of a nation, education plays a major role. As we all know, education simply means the process of acquiring knowledge and without the facts how does a nation develop? In the world today some countries are called developed while others are developing or underdeveloped, as the case may be. They are categorized according to their educational ststatistics.

  1. Education helps people at the helm of the nation’s affairs to plan and organize the nation. It brings out the best in our youths. Using Nigeria as a case study, our country is blessed with many talented and gifted youths and education helps in tapping and bringing them out. Without education, the youths will be rendered useless and jobless. 
  2. Education reduces crime and eliminates the nation’s dependence on expatriates. Nigeria spends a lot of money on expatriates but government spending can be reduced when the nation is properly educated.
  3. Education brings development to a nation. If people are educated the nation will not be talking about technology transfer because everyone will be creative and creativity brings invention while invention brings development.
  4. Education leads to employment which wards off crimes like robbery, fraud, kidnapping, and so on. 
  5. Furthermore, education bridges the gap between the “haves and “have nots” with the reduction of this gap a nation will develop rapidly.

Therefore, for a nation to be developed education must play a vital role in national development. 

The ways to improve the system of education in the country to enable development is disscussed below.

  1. Firstly, the provision of infrastructural facilities like libraries, laboratories, classrooms/ lecture rooms, etc. Both in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions would go a long way in improving the quality of education in this country. The effects a good library (one stocked with various educational books) has on the performance of students cannot be overemphasized. As most students need absolute decorum to assimilate whatever it is that they are reading. The provision of good libraries would be of great benefit to them. 
  2. Also, laboratories with various sets of apparatuses would also be of great benefits to students who take Science subjects or courses, particularly pure sciences. Science, as we know, is better understood when practicals are done rather than theoretical analysis only. Moreover, “seeing is believing”. Laboratories will help students understand certain concepts in sciences better.
  3. Good and conducive classrooms would also aid assimilation in no small way. Secondly, teachers should be given periodical training to help refresh their brains. Since it is what a teacher knows that he/she impacts on the students, it would be of great help to hold programs to help refine the teachers. These training programs will go a long way in improving the quality of education in this country as it would make the teachers be consistent, refined, and always at their best. Furthermore, these training programs would also help teachers to have more knowledge about new concepts or topics in their field of works as they are being added to the scheme of work of curriculum in the Educational system.
  4. Again, teachers should be paid their salaries on time, even if the government cannot give them incentives, delaying teachers salaries will discourage them from their work as this will make them venture into businesses to make ends meet instead of focusing on teaching though it is not their fault as they have to provide for their families. Government should look into the issue of late salary payment and also teachers’ incentives to give teachers room to face their job squarely. Moreover, teachers will be encouraged to work harder and pay full attention to whatever it is that they are supposed to.

Education is the best legacy, and there is no alternative to education in the development of a nation.

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