Glo Data Cheat: How to Get Free Data on Glo [2024/2025]

Glo Data Cheat or How to Get Free Data on Glo Without Recharging: As you have already known WITSPOT gives you an easy way to get to browse on the internet either for free or at cheaper rate on MTN and Airtel sim. However, on this page you are going to learn about How to Get Free Data on Glo 2024/2025. Your search intent regarding How to Get Free Data on Glo Without Recharging will be satisfied on this page. You won’t have to search on google again for glo data cheat 2024/2025 again. But first, a little introduction.

Glo Data Cheat: How to Get Free Data on Glo [2024/2025]

Glo data Cheat Introduction continues below

Here in this article, you will learn about how to get free data on Glo and the list of latest Glo data cheats available for 2024/2025. Also, we keep updating this post every day there is a new cheat code available for the Glo sim card. So, you should keep checking every time you want to browse online for free of charge or you want to know how to get free data on Glo. WE ARE RECEIVING SOME COMMENTS SAYING SOME OF THE CHEATS ARE NOT WORKING, KINDLY READ THE DISCLAIMER BELOW WELL BEFORE YOU COMPLAIN. TRY TO READ EVERYTHING HERE FOR GOOD UNDERSTANDING OF THE CHEATS.

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You may have seen it online before but you are still confused about how to use it or how it works. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered because we’re going to tell you how to use the latest free Glo data cheat 2022 0.0k, which seems to be the daily limit for 20MB Glo data, although you don’t need airtime to get free browsing in To do 2022 you just need to have the requirements until you get something done.


NOTESNot all these latest Glo data cheats will work for you, some sim cards will support it while some will not. So, don’t be angry if the cheat doesn’t work for you. There are some reasons why cheat doesn’t work sometimes or will work for some users and will not work for some. Lemme quickly highlight a few reasons below to be aware of it in case some cheats don’t work for you;

  1. Not following the procedure for the cheat appropriately.
  2. Sim card issue [not compatible with the cheat].
  3. Device issue [not compatible with the cheat or outdated device] It worths to note that some latest Glo data cheat will not work for some outdated devices as a result of their versions [old version like version 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8] NOTE: It is not that the cheat will totally not work for you, but you need to aware of this fact incase, it doesn’t work out.
  4. Tariff plan issue. Some cheats will not work for some tariff plans.

Now that you have read the disclaimer above, let’s get to the real glo data cheat and how to get free data on glo sim 2024/2025.

Glo Data Cheat: How to Get Free Data on Glo [2024/2025]

Glo Data Cheat Using the Psiphon Pro Lite Handler to Browse for Free

You must be aware of the Psiphon VPN Android app if you use the 2016–2017 limitless browsing trick. Yes, this is the most popular program for integrating social media data into other apps, enabling concealed data, and even adjusting functional settings to enable unrestricted browsing.

Today, the pro-lite version is the topic.

Now, in order to make the most of this amazing limitless trick, I want you to carefully follow the instructions. You will receive the most recent settings, enabling you to use your smartphone to browse with 500MB to 3GB or more.

Utilizing Psiphon, activate Glo’s free browsing cheat

Please carefully follow each guideline to prevent missing out:

Make sure you first apply the proper APN settings. Check it out and apply it to your access point names settings using the information I provided above.
Your network coverage is crucial after that. This hack needs a reliable 3G or 4G network to function.

Go to Setting->> More…->> then. Preferred Network Type->Mobile Network-> Choose 2G, 3G, or 4G, or simply 3G or 4G.

The Psiphon Pro Lite Handler can be downloaded. You can connect to the internet with the aid of this software and enjoy limitless downloads. Obtain here.
Open & Install The App. You should now install the VPN program on your phone, open it, and apply the effective settings to begin going.
the most recent settings Now that the program has been installed, please input the following settings:

  • Delete the “Remove Port” checkbox.
  • Proxy kind: Use as your Real Host Proxy server.
  • Genuine proxy type: choose Default
  • Real proxy server follows. Leave out
  • 8080 is the real proxy port.
  • Tap Save to continue.

You must wait 45 seconds for the cheats to connect correctly and share data.

Now, let’s move to the new way to getting free data on Glo.

Glo Data Cheat | How To Activate Glo Free Data 100GB (Glo unlimited Free Browsing 2022)

Although many are selling the cheat, I chose to give it away for free. Enjoy before the ISP shut it down.

Acquire two Glo SIM cards

  1. On Glo Yakata must be the first. If you’re not in Glo Yakata, dial *230# to migrate.
  2. Load up your N200 airtime or more.
  3. Join Yakata’s N200 Data Plan, which offers 250MB of data instead of 50MB for the first month after recharging.
  4. It will take exactly 2 hours for all 250MB to appear on your SIM.
  5. Share the data to your second Glo Sim (dial *127*01* friend phone number# to share.

With the second Sim that you shared info with, you can now browse at any time. There will be no change to the 250MB data plan. Keep in mind that you have a 24-hour subscription. Thus, it will expire after that. To enjoy more Glo data cheat, select longer plans, such as seven days.

Tunnel VPN Glo Browsing Cheat | How to get free data on Glo

Tunnel VPN download. If the settings are applied properly, this app aids in free internet access. Obtain here
Download & Run The App. You must install it once you’ve downloaded it. By doing this, remember to “allow installation from unknown sources.” It won’t install if you don’t. Open the app now.

Stealth Settings can be tapped. The “Stealth Settings” link may be found on the home screen; tap it to access it. You will then be directed to another page; flip the switch to ON.

The VPN should now be configured using the following steps:

  • HTTP is the connection protocol.
  • Connection Port 80 or 443, next.
  • Connect Through Parent Proxy: Disable.
  • Enable custom TCP/HTTP headers.
  • Host:
  • Request Approach: Standard.
  • Host is online: Check.
  • Maintain: Tick.
  • User-Agent must be selected.
  • Press the General Button. After configuring the VPN in accordance with the preceding suggestions, touch Generate to assist in activating the settings, and then tap Save.
  • Save your stealth settings now.
  • Advanced SSL Configuration: Disable 5m.

On Connect, tap. It’s time to launch the VPN, and if you input the provided codes correctly above, it will connect in a snap.

Now, check this another another Glo data cheat below.

Glo Data Cheat | How to get free data on Glo sim using Stark VPN

To get free data on Glo, download Stark VPN on Google play store. After downloading, launch the app and tap on connect button. Boom! you may receive up to free 30MB or 50MB per day. You can be using this Glo data cheat daily.

Glo Data Cheat: How to Get Free Data on Glo [2024/2025]

Glo Data Cheat | How To Activate free 75GB Cheat On Glo

To begin, you first need a Glo SIM card. Moreover, a reliable 4G/LTE or 3G/H+ service signal

To make this cheat work for you, you don’t need an Android VPN; just pay close attention to make sure you don’t skip any stages that are necessary to activate your SIM.

You’ll need two (2) Glo SIM cards to get started. Yes, it’s essential and the only requirement for this scam.

Migrate To Glo Yakata. Make sure you are on Yakata with one of the SIM cards right now. If not, you can switch to the glo yakata tariff plan by simply dialing *230#.

Recharge N200 Airtime. Please add 200 Naira worth of credit to your glo line. To do so, just dial 123Recharge PIN#. Recharge code for Glo

Dial *777#. The main idea behind this is to pay N200 for a low data plan. Yes, you will receive 250MB for the first recharge of the month on Glo Yakata.

Allow two hours. You must wait two hours after purchasing the data while using the 250MB remaining in your data balance.

Data Sharing With The Other SIM Please move the data to the second SIM card you previously prepared. To transfer data, simply call 12701*Phone Number#. glo-free-browsing-cheat-unlimited.

Cheat for Unlimited Browsing is active. With the SIM you transferred the 250MB into, you can now browse. The 250 megabytes will be unaffected, and the cheat is still unlimited.

Wrapping Up how to get free data on MTN | Glo Data Cheat

Since this content is free for all, you have to be aware that we are not responsible for any consequence that may arise to your sim card due to this Glo data cheat. This content is free to read for everyone and it is only meant for educational purpose only.

Also, do not contact us regarding how to get free data on Glo without recharging.

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