How to check NECO result 2022 | NECO Result Checker


NECO result checker: – National Examination Council (NECO) 2022 results are finally published on the 2022 NECO Results checker Portal Link Here you can check NECO 2022 results, visit NECO website to check June/July results, also see How to check NECO result 2022 with registration number and mobile.

How to check NECO result 2022 | NECO Result Checker
NECO result checker

This is NECO Timetable 2022/2023

So many candidates are asking how to check my neco result. This is exactly the main reason why we write this article. To show step by step instructions to check your NECO result 2022.


This article is easy for everyone to understand, so checking your NECO 2022 score will be very easy for you. Your NECO score is available at But before you can check your score, you must first log in to the NECO result checker website.


NECO result checker 2022| How to check NECO result using phone

Have you done the June/July National Examination Council 2022? If so, we are pleased to announce that the National Examination Council (NECO) has not yet announced the publication of the NECO result. Below is the procedure for checking the 2022 NECO online results. On this page you will all about the NECO result checker 2022. How to check NECO result using phone


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Brief Information about NECO

One of the final acts of Abdulsalam Abubakar’s military government was the promulgation in April 1999 of a decree establishing the National Examination Council (NECO). However, this action is only the culmination of a process that precedes administration. Despite calls for a national examination team more than two decades earlier, the birth of NECO did not escape controversy. While some Nigerians see his arrival as an opportunity to elect an examination board to mentor candidates, others question his ability to conduct reliable examinations that could garner broad national and international respect and acceptance. Others have praised its potential as a quasi-governmental entity from the federal government to offer subsidized candidate registration; but others even question its legal status. How to check NECO result 2022 | NECO Result Checker


How to check NECO results 2022 | NECO result checker

As a rule, the Council conducts two exams annually; the first in May/June for school applicants and the second in October/November for private candidates in Nigeria, and NECO conducts primary and secondary school examinations.


The West African Examinations Council (NECO) allows applicants (school and private) to apply online for the West African Middle School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

How to check NECO result 2022 | NECO result checker

How to check NECO result 2022 | NECO result checker

NECO certificate | NECO result checker

School candidates receive their certificates from their schools, while private applicants receive their certificates directly from NECO office.
Candidates can collect their certificates from NECO Zonal and Branch offices in charge of the state where they sat for the examination. How to check NECO result 2022 | NECO Result Checker 2022


The West African Examination Board will announce the results of the NECO 2022/22 in August 2022. Students can view the results both online and via mobile. Today we refer you to “What is NECO result checker 2022?”. Before trying to check the results, you need confirmation from the official portal @ How to check NECO result using phone

Apart from checking the NECO result checker online on the NECO website with the NECO 2022 results checker portal, you can also check your NECO results via sms. NECO result checker

NECO result checker | how to check my neco result

This is to notify all high school applicants who have taken the June/July 2022 National Examination Council (NECO) that they can now Check their results online.


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How to check NECO result 2022

You need to buy a scratch card/PIN to access your results. Applicants are to check the Smart Identity Card used during the exam to verify the PIN and serial number to check their NECO results.


To check your NECO Result 2022 follow the instructions below;

  • Open the NECO 2022 results checker portal at
  • Enter your NECO exam number in the mandatory field.
  • Choose your exam year, e.g. 2022
  • Choose your exam type, e.g. SCHOOL CANDIDATE RESULT.
  • Enter the card serial number.
  • Enter the PIN code on the card.
  • Finally, click the Submit button to see your NECO 2022 results. NECO result checker

how to check my neco result

Additional information about NECO result checker | How to check NECO without Scratch card

NECO Result Checker without scratch card:

  • Is it possible to check my NECO result 2022 Without Scratch Card Pin? “NO”. You cannot check your NECO result without the NECO scratch card. Because the scratch card contains login details which will give you access to the official neco result checking portal.
  • By mistake, if you lost scratch card, contact the state NECO officer with the details of the missing card(s) as soon as possible.
  • Students buy such a scratch card whose price varies from N300 to N500. Its official price is N300, but in some business centers it may cost nearly N500.

NECO Address: Helpline

 National Examinations Council (NECO) Western Bye Pass, Dr Nnamdi Azikwe road, P.M.B 159, Minna, Niger State, Nigeria.
Email [email protected], [email protected]
08069232760, 08052218069,
Website :

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  4. Year of Exam.

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