List of MTN data cheat 2022: How to get free data on MTN

List of MTN data cheat 2022 | How to get free data on MTN [TRENDING]

MTN DATA CHEAT:Here is another 0.0k Mtn data cheat 2022/2023 free surf that lets you surf for free on your mtn sim without airtime, How can I get MTN 10GB free, How can I get unlimited data on MTN, and How to get free data on mtn, Most people probably already know about this before maybe during 2019/2020. This are the latest 0.0k mtn free browsing cheat for 2022/2023 that we want to share.


Here in this article, you will learn about how to get free data on mtn and the list of latest MTN data cheats available for 2022/2023. Also, we keep updating this post every day there is a new cheat code available for the MTN sim card. So, you should keep checking every time you want to browse online for free of charge or you want to know how to get free data on mtn. WE ARE RECEIVING SOME COMMENTS SAYING SOME OF THE CHEATS ARE NOT WORKING, KINDLY READ THE DISCLAIMER BELOW WELL BEFORE YOU COMPLAIN. TRY TO READ EVERYTHING HERE FOR GOOD UNDERSTANDING OF THE CHEATS.

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WAIT! Before you scroll down have you seen How to get free 300GB on MTN 2022 [TESTED AND CONFIRMED]?

You may have seen it online before but you are still confused about how to use it or how it works. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered because we’re going to tell you how to use the latest free Mtn data cheat 2022 0.0k, which seems to be the daily limit for 100MB Mtn data, although you don’t need airtime to get free browsing in To do 2022 you just need to have the requirements until you get something done.


Post Outline


NOTES: Not all these latest MTN data cheats will work for you, some sim cards will support it while some will not. So, don’t be angry if the cheat doesn’t work for you. There are some reasons why cheat doesn’t work sometimes or will work for some users and will not work for some. Lemme quickly highlight a few reasons below to be aware of it in case some cheats don’t work for you;


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  • Not following the procedure for the cheat appropriately.
  • Sim card issue [not compatible with the cheat].
  • Device issue [not compatible with the cheat or outdated device] It worths to note that some latest MTN data cheats will not work for some outdated devices as a result of their versions [old version like version 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8] NOTE: It is not that the cheat will totally not work for you, but you need to aware of this fact incase, it doesn’t work out.
  • Tariff plan issue. Some cheats will not work for some tariff plans.

Requirements for Free Browsing Mtn data cheat 2022/2023 0.0k

  • Get mtn sim without airtime.
  • The SIM must be active and able to activate the cellular network.
  • Download the required VPN by clicking here.
  • Get the VPN configuration file here.
  • Download here to learn how to use the configuration file.
  • Once you meet the requirements, proceed to the steps mentioned below to get the 0.0k mtn free browsing cheat for you.


How to activate Mtn data cheat 2022 0.0k Free Browsing Cheat

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Once you have downloaded the VPN, open it.


You need to import the configuration file or the configuration file you downloaded above.

But before you do that, follow the steps in the text folder you also downloaded above.


This means you have to change the configuration file name and password for the file.

  • After that it’s done. Open the VPN you just installed and download it from this page.
  • Find the plus sign in the top right corner of the VPN app. MTN 0.0k free surf 2021
  • Then select the option to import a configuration file which is the first option. MTN data cheat 2021 100MB
  • Find the configuration file and click Import, enter the password.
  • The passcode is available in the txt file downloaded above.
  • After the file is successfully imported, turn on the network connection.
  • Find the play button ️ available on the VPN.
  • Wait until the connection is established, after the connection, drag it to the statistics area.
  • Check if the stats are reversed after browsing and reading them. Mtn 100MB free surfing
  • Then you are ready, now you can start surfing for free, that is 0.0k mtn.
  • Remember, if you want this to work for you, you won’t have showtimes on your mtn channel.
  • If the stats are not readable at all, you should disable the VPN and reconnect to make sure the stats are readable before minimizing them and continuing to browse your device.

After you follow the steps carefully, it will work for you and tunnel all your apps. If it doesn’t seem to be connecting, switch your network to airplane mode and reconnect, works on 0.0k mtn with no airtime, there should be no data available for the sim you want to cheat.

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Mtn data cheat 2022: How to get free data on mtn

MTN FREE DATA CODE 2021 – We launched a free unlimited internet trick over the weekend with a free 900GB MTN code which is popular right now.

Before we move on to the tricks for now, folks in other regions who have been calling for weekend tricks should take a while as I have to sort out most of the tricks before I post. That said, I can post a few of these today and then fill in the rest tomorrow.


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MTN Data Cheat 2022: Get MTN Data Cheat 12GB 2022 *131*205#

MTN cheat code (*131*205#) to receive thousands of mobile data and credit has recently been circulating on social media. Most people who came across the code tried it and it worked, some were received 118GB worth of data while others received 12GB. Just dial *131*205# and you will receive a message. Just ignore the message you received the first time and keep dialing *131*205# to get the MTN data cheat.


Mtn data cheat 2022/2023: How to get free data on mtn

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How to get free data on mtn. This trick is very simple and doesn’t require airtime users to subscribe to anything or make the tunneling app work. All it takes is a simple code to activate the free 900GB.


Oh! less I forgot, this trick is for all MTN users worldwide. Find the procedure below.

Requirements for the data cheat code for MTN:


1. Your Nigerian MTN SIM card without data or airtime.

2. Devices with Android, iOS or computer


3. Configuration settings


To get free data, just press * 131 * 7 * 5 * 1 * 1 # repeatedly to accumulate. You get 120GB and then repeat the process to keep gathering your data to get as much as you want. Note: This post is for educational purposes only! You are responsible for your actions and their use.

  • How to activate the latest unlimited 0.0kb Mtn data cheat 2021 for free surfing
  • Migrate to mtn call beta or pulse (BT to 131)
  • Download the VPN app below
  • Install the app
  • select mtn unlimited server (server list)
  • Choose Unlimited Tweak mtn (Settings List)
  • Finally click Connect and enjoy unlimited browsing
  • Note that you don’t need to have data and showtimes as this works like a hammered VPN setup.

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MTN VPN data cheat 2022| How to get free data on MTN

This MTN data Cheat is very simple, all the requirements for this VPN data cheat will be listed below;

  1. HA tunnel VPN. Download it on Play store.
  2. MTN sim card with 0.0k
  3. Strong internet connection
  4. 4G phone [Recommended] 3G phone may not work perfectly.

How to activate Ha tunnel MTN VPN data Cheat 2022 | How to get free data on MTN

Follow the procedure below to get free data on MTN using Ha tunnel;

  • Download Ha tunnel from Google play store.
  • Launch the VPN app and change the server to Germany.
  • Then click on connection mode, and select MTN unli Nigeria click on start button.

Additional Information about Ha tunnel MTN VPN data Cheat 2022

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How to get free data on MTN

Make sure there is enough storage on your phone at least 5GB free so that the VPN connection will be stronger. If there is low storage, the VPN will keep disconnecting. Also, if you experiencing connection issue while try the MTN data cheat for VPN try to restart your device. Enjoy the speed and free data.

Ha tunnel MTN VPN data Cheat 2022 | How to get free data on MTN

MTN VPN data cheat 2022 [HA TUNNEL VPN]

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This VPN data cheat is only meant for Ha tunnel and it free 50MB MTN data daily. Just follow the short procedure below to get it done.

  • Download Ha tunnel VPN from play store.
  • Lunch the app then click on “select server” select United States.
  • After selecting United States, click on “connection mode” and scroll down to MTN 50MB.
  • Then, click on start button below the app.

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Additional information about MTN VPN data cheat

  1. You must not have any data on your MTN sim card.
  2. Your device must have enough space and RAM for the VPN to work perfectly.
  3. The data cheat can only be used one time daily.
  4. If the VPN do not connect quickly just restart your phone.



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MTN data cheat for 100 naira [MTN N100 For 1GB Data Cheat: MTN Free Data Promo]

This cheat has been around for some time now and not everyone knows about it, so this cheat is to going to let you know how to get free data on mtn.


It’s fine though, no matter how popular the cheat is, not everyone will know about it.

Now, you are lucky to find these mtn data cheat codes.

Before you proceed, you must understand that cheat like this is usually selective.

That is, the cheat code for mtn data bundle works really well but it selects sim cards.

You can get 1 gigabytes and more with only 100naira recharges on your line, once you are qualified to enjoy this offer.

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How To Check If You Are Eligible 

Do you have airtime in your MTN account? Make sure it’s 0.00k before trying this.



Follow the below steps to check eligibility:

Simply dial *131*100# to see if your SIM is selected.

After that, you will see a message asking “Auto-renewal” or “One-off purchase”.

Auto-renewal means renewing your data plan automatically when it expires. Meanwhile, on the other hand, a One-off Purchase means to end the subscription after the expiry date is reached.

So select whichever one you prefer.


After that, you will receive a message from MTN saying “You have insufficient balance, Kindly recharge” or “You are not eligible for this offer”.

If you get the first message mentioned above, you are ready to enjoy the unlimited data cheat.

And if not, you are not eligible.

How to activate the free 30GB MTN Data Cheat 2022 [ROOTED PHONES]

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When you get 30GB of free data, you can get things done online. You can use the data for surfing, streaming, social media and downloading on any device. You can also share with friends and family. To take advantage of this offer, just follow the steps below and thank me later.

Requirements for the MTN free 30GB data Cheat 2022

  • A working MTN SIM card
  • Rooted Android 5.0+, 6.0 or higher,
  • Chameleon application or MTK engineering tool
  • IMEI maker
  • Using the Chameleon app or the MTN Engineer tool, enter this IMEI starting with 86773803075xxxx. one
  • Make sure to analyze the digits and change the last four digits of the imei before setting it
  • Enter the IMEI of the location listed in the Chameleon application,
  • Put your phone in airplane mode and then back again
  • Now dial *#06# to see if your IMEI has been changed successfully.
  • If successful, next is to enter SMS on your mobile and send MIFI to 131
  • Finally, when your IMEI is VALID, you will receive a success message.

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Thank you for purchasing an MTN MiFi device. You get 30 GB of free data, valid for ** / ** / 2022. You are also entitled to a 100% bonus for data packages N1000 to N5000
You can get more data by generating additional valid IMEI numbers and then following the above process. You can also search for it on the internet

2GB MTN Data Cheat for N500: How to Get 4GB for 500 Naira | How to get free data on mtn

MTN Nigeria has added a new data plan that provides customers with 2GB for the N500, which lasts for 2 days. This package is recommended when you have large files for emergency downloads.



The good news is that you can actually double the amount of data to get more data for the same price. This means you can get 4 GB for the Naira N500, but for new customers who just received a new SIM card.

Existing customers who wish to use this duplicate information only need to set their phone’s IMEI for qualification.


According to MTN, “people’s data needs have changed, we recognize it. Our customers need more and we provide it with less.”

How To Get free data on Mtn 4gb For N500 Data Plan

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To activate this package, walk into the MTN office and get a new MTN SIM card, register it and you are automatically entitled to a 4 month dual data offer.
Charge your line with N500 now
Then press * 131 * 1 * 1 * 5 # to get the package, or dial * 131 #, select 1, then select 1, then select 5.
You get 2 GB plus another 2 GB, which goes up to 4 GB.


MTN data Cheat 4GB for #500 | How to get free data on mtn


Please note that this package is valid for 2 days so it is recommended to subscribe if you really need it. For example, if you want to stream TV shows, watch football online, or download games, app updates and more.

Also, remember that dual information offers are only available to new customers. For old customers, you need to “set your IMEI”.

You don’t have N500 to spend? No problem, you can start with the N50 for a 50MB data plan.


Once activated, this plan works both during the day and at night with no speed or speed limits.

An alternative to this MTN plan is the Glo Weekend Plan, which gets you 3GB on the N500. However, the Glo plan can be activated at any time and you will receive up to 4 GB of data.


MTN data cheat 2022 [How To Subscribe To MTN 1GB Data Cheat For N100]


Remember, you must get the message shown to you earlier before you proceed. If not, you can try other cheat codes on this post.

Recharge your line with at least 100 Naira.

Simply dial *131*100# to subscribe to the plan.

You can always check your data balance by dialing *131*4#.

It’s valid for 30days.


There are more cheats for you below, check them out.

Blazing MTN 1GB & 500MB Free Data 2022


It’s funny how the cheat came up to challenge the existing ones. It’s more like a free browsing cheat that allows you to browse freely without worries.

On this plan, you can subscribe over and over again to multiply the data.

This is how it goes;


After subscription, you can accumulate that data to any amount you want.


To activate this free data, simply dial *449*2# or *449*1# to receive 1GB for free.

After that, you will receive an sms from MTN like “Congratulations! You have been gifted with free 1GB data bla bla bla”.

Ignore the message and dial *449*2# again to activate the data you’ve been gifted with.


Now, MTN will send you another confirmation message like the below:

“Congratulations! You have successfully activated Free 1GB Valid for 7 days bla bla bla”.

The first message confirms that you are eligible to get the MTN free MB. Meanwhile, the final message confirms that you’ve been given the data.

To check your credit, just press *559*4#.

MTN SA Free Cheat While Browsing With Moko VPN


Free cheat for MTN SA to browse using this Moko VPN app does not require any configuration files or cheat codes. But it works fine for all South African MTN SIM cards.


In our previous post, we uploaded an MTN SA configuration file that can be imported into the HTTP Injector app to trigger instant free browsing.

Now we will give you one more option and a better alternative which does not require any configuration files.

The app we now use to surf for free in South Africa is Moko VPN. This is one of the best free internet apps, and it has a built-in unique mom setting that works today.

MTN SA free browser cheat


MTN SA Free Internet cheat consists of MTN-500MB cheat, MTN-200MB cheat, and MTN-100MB cheat. Validity varies from 1 day to one month.


Your Android smartphone
Moko VPN – install from here
Stable network



  1. Open the Moko VPN app on your phone
  2. Tap “Location” and select United States | new york
  3. US Servers
  4. Tap “Optimization” and choose 500MB MTN daily
  5. Cheat MTN SA 500MB
  6. Now click in the middle of the VPN logo to establish a connection. Connects in less than 6 seconds.
  7. Moko VPN MTN SA
  8. Once connected, minimize the application by clicking Exit and selecting Minimize.

You can use 500MB to surf the Internet, download files and stream videos.



There are certainly some advantages to this cheat, and we’ve selected a few that are interesting.

  1. There is no limit to which websites you can visit
  2. No configuration file required
  3. Work for new and existing customers
  4. Moko VPN app is lightweight and doesn’t take up much space on your phone
  5. Easy to setup
  6. This will help you save money.

Mtn Data Cheat 2021/2022 [MTN 1 GB for data code N250 – N50 for 200 MB – N500 for 2 GB]


This is just another high value data pack that can be accumulated. Yes, you can multiply the amount of data by following the procedure correctly.

Normally, you will get 200MB for just the N50 to be used in two (2) weeks, but you are allowed to collect data and get a much larger amount of data.

To quickly enable MTN data cheat 2021, please follow the steps below:

Load your mtn line with N50 or above.

Now dial *131*25# to activate this package.

To get 1GB, repeat this 5 times or more for a much larger amount of data.

Valid for 7 days.

I gave you the working MTN data cheat 2021 above. You can also use the latest free MTN browsing cheat below.

MTN data cheat 2021/2022 [MTN Free Browsing Cheats with 24Clan VPN Pro version]


I specified 24Clan free browsing settings, but this is the PRO version and you can try it too.

First of all, you need an Android phone to apply this setting to ON.

You need to download and install 24Clan VPN PRO on your phone.

You’ll also need a very strong MTN network (or signaling) service in your area for the VPN to connect without interference.

Once everything is ready, you can continue surfing on MTN freely.

  • Download 24Clan VPN PRO here or from Playstore.
  • Install the app on your device.
  • Now open the VPN and apply the following settings.
  • Tap the Settings Icon, select a server or not, then select Server Settings.
  • Go back and connect the VPN.
  • Wait a few seconds to connect.
  • As a PRO user, you can start surfing with 2GB per day.

Enjoy the best and cheapest data rates in an MTN impulse rate plan today.

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Unlimited free mtn cheats to search with the help of Psiphon 2021.

Apart from other MTN data cheats, you can still surf the internet for free. I mean totally free.

You can only do this by following the method below:

  • First go to Playstore and download VPN or get it here.
  • Wait for the app to download.
  • Install it on your phone now (if downloading from other sources)
  • Open the Psiphon VPN and do the following:
  • Tap the Options tab, then tap More Options.
  • Enable “Connect via HTTP proxy”.
  • Enable “Use the following settings”.
  • Select the Remove port . checkbox
  • Proxy type: Dual Real Host
  • Proxy server:
  • Real proxy type: HTTP
  • Real proxy port: 80
  • Select “USA” as the region.
  • Switch to the “More options” tab.
  • Enable “Connect using HTTPS.
  • Host address:
  • Port: 8080
  • After applying these settings correctly, return to the home screen and connect the VPN.

Enjoy the speed.

MTN data cheat 2021/2022 [Get up to 10000GB with this free MTN data cheat code]

MTN data cheat 2022 with Tweakware VPN

If you’re looking for the latest cheat codes for MTN 2022, Tweakware is a useful VPN right from the start.

Yes, the developers are constantly updating the software with the latest cheats so you can connect and browse for free.

I have 100% work preference to apply and get connected immediately.


Go to Playstore and download Tweakware or click here if you don’t have it installed on your phone.

Install the VPN and open it.

Go to Settings and tap Customize.

Apply the following settings to connect the tweakware VPN:

Connection mode: HTTP

Server port: 8080

Host header:

Disable reverse proxy.

Proxy host:

Proxy port: 8080

Now return to the home screen and select each free server from the drop-down menu.

Then tap the Connect button.

Wait a few seconds for the app to connect.

500MB & 100MB Cheat Using UTLoop VPN | How to get free data on mtn

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This trick how to get free data on mtn has been around for a while now and some good feedback are coming in from users. Now, before you proceed with activating this cheat, I want you to take note of these few things;

  • The VPN is Free for all at the moment.
  • No login is required to power all apps
  • You may see few ads, but it’s fine.
  • Tweaks are updated from time to time.

With this is in mind, here’s how to activate the MTN 500 and 100MB data cheat on your phone right now.

  1. Firstly, download UT Loop Pro on Playstore here…
  2. Install and open the app immediately.
  3. Select a Tweak. You’ll see two (2) options on the home screen. Just tap on the second one and select ‘NGA|MTN 500MB/Day‘ or select ‘MTN 100MB’ (both works).
  4. Leave the first option as Auto Select or select any location from the list provided.
  5. Finally, tap on the “BEGIN” button at the top to get the VPN connected.

Enjoy yourself. Leave a comment below if you find it difficult to connect the app.

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How to Activate the Latest mtn data cheat 0.0kb unlimited browsing cheat for free


  1. Migrate to MTN beta talk or mpulse (Send BT to 131)
  2. Download the VPN application below
  3. Install the app
  4. Choose mtn unlimited server (server list)
  5. Choose mtn unlimited tweak (tweak list)
  6. Lastly, entre connect and enjoy unlimited browsing.

Note you must have zero data and airtime as it works like the hammer VPN tweak

Cheat Code For MTN Data Bundle | How to get free data on mtn

This is not absolutely a cheat code for MTN data bundle, but tip on how to manipulate the MTN data plan system to your own advantage like i am doing now. Trust me this trick is cool but it is not free so, MTN will charge you some fees though.

This is about MTN 2GB for #500 biweekly subscription. This method am about to show you only works on NEW Mtn sim cards that are less than 3 months old.

I will advise you to go get a new MTN sim card and register it if you want to enjoy this too. So if you don’t a new sim card go get it now before you continue.
If you already have a new MTN sim card then let’s continue with activating the Latest mtn cheat.

To start, please follow the guide below

  • Get a new MTN sim card
  • Register and activate the sim
  • Now recharge #500 naira airtime
  • After recharging the card
  • Dial *131*1*1# and send
  • You will be presented with a new window to select a biweekly plan you want
  • Reply with 5 which is the 2GB for #500 plan valid for 7 days
  • After that you be ask to confirm if you want to auto renew or not
  • Chose anyone whether renew or not and send
  • You will then receive a 2GB data balance with another 4GB data as your MTN Yafun Yafun bonus.


MTN Opera Mini Free Browsing Cheat 2021 – Unlimited Data

MTN Nigerian have gone into partnership with opera mini in other to provide cheap data rate for you. This data can only be used for browsing. This page contains settings that you can allow you to use the data to download files.

Requirements For MTN Opera Mini Cheat

  • An android phone.
  • Active MTN sim card 3G or 4G sim, without active data.
  • Samsung Max VPN
  • N100 to activate opera mini data plan.
  • Default MTN APN settings.

Opera Mini Free Browsing Cheat 2021 Using MTN Settings

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This is another method on how to get free data on mtn. Follow the guide below to activate the MTN free data cheat for opera mini users.

  • First, subscribe to MTN opera mini data plan. Dial *131*3# to subscribe. This plan is a monthly data plan.
  • Now download Samsung Max VPN CLICK HERE. After downloading and installing the app successfully. Launch it and upgrade to premium plan.
  • Click on connect after upgrading the VPN. Make the following changes tick on the “Mobile Data Saving Mode” and “Privacy Protection” options. Now you can browse and download only your mobile phone or PC.

This cheat have been confirmed to be unlimited and you can use it on any device. Download unlimited movies and watch videos online. The cheat have been tested and confirmed.

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Since cheat codes are available for the MTN data cheat 2021, of course you will also find how to get free data on mtn, mtn browser cheats that you can use to stay in touch online for free. If any of this MTN data cheats don’t work for you, that means you didn’t follow the procedure as described.

I’m confident that one of these methods on how to get free data on mtn will surely work for you. Let us know if the MTN data cheat is not working for you in the comment section.

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