Does MTN Night Plan Affect my Normal Data [All you need to know]

Does MTN Night Plan Affect my Normal Data: The main reason why you are on this page is to confirm whether MTN night will affect your normal data bundle right? Yes, that is true. As you have already known WITSPOT gives you an easy way to get to browse on the internet either for free or at cheaper rate on MTN and Airtel sim. On this page, you get to learn about all information on how MTN Night sub works. This means that on this page you will get to know if MTN night plan will affect your normal data, or will MTN deduct your normal data instead on your Night data. But before we proceed to the real topic, let’s read a little introduction about MTN night Plan.

See how to use MTN night plan during the day

Does MTN Night Plan Affect my Normal Data

Introduction to MTN night Sub

MTN Night plan is a data subscription plan launched by MTN Nigeria to provide Nigerians with more data at a lower price. Night Data plans were first introduced in Nigeria in 2016 when there was a huge demand for data subscriptions, even though the numbers were not fair enough or affordable for some.

Why is MTN Night Plan not Working all you need to know

MTN Night browsing is specially designed to meet the needs of heavy internet users by accessing it with heaps of data for just few penny. Initially, night browsing on MTN for the N25 was 500MB but it has been reduced to over 50%. Currently the N25 gives you 250MB and you can receive up to 2GB of data per night. I’ll show you how to activate the MTN Night Plan as we continue.

See all you need to know about MTN Night Plan

Does MTN Night Plan Affect my Normal Data?

The answer to this question is NO! MTN night sub will not affect your Weekly or Monthly data bundle. This implies that, Night plan for MTN will only work at night and it will stop working immediately at 6 o’clock in the morning.

I’m confident that this content has given you the information you need regarding whether MTN night plan will affect your normal data.

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