Real Estate Investment Platforms in Nigeria [2024/2025]

Real Estate Investment Platforms in Nigeria: Are you interested in investing in real estate in Nigeria? If yes, then you are welcome to this page. You will be presented with all information regarding Real Estate Investment Platforms in Nigeria, meaning of real estate, and how to invest in real estate.

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However, before we proceed to the main topic a little discussion on real estate is essential.

Real Estate Investment Platforms in Nigeria [2024/2025]
Real Estate Investment Platforms in Nigeria

What is Real Estate?

Real estate is immovable property of this type that consists of land and the buildings on it, as well as its natural resources, such as crops, minerals, or water; an interest in this (also) constitutes real property, or (more broadly) buildings or houses in general. In legal terminology, real refers to real property, which is distinct from personal property, and estate refers to a person’s “interest” in that real property.

Real estate is distinct from personal property, which includes things like cars, yachts, jewels, furniture, equipment, and a farm’s rolling stock but is not affixed to the land permanently.

In accordance with the laws of each U.S. state, business corporations, individuals, nonprofit corporations, fiduciaries, and other legal entities may all transfer, own, or acquire real estate in the United States.

Now, let’s discuss about how to invest in real estate in Nigeria.

How Do I Invest In Real Estate In Nigeria?

Despite the economic slump, people are still generating a ton of money in Nigeria’s real estate industry, which is still a significant source of income for the nation. The main methods for investing in real estate are as follows.

Flipping land or houses

Investing in real estate is buying and selling properties quickly for a profit. It is among the best investments one can make, and the owner needs to put in little to no effort. You are prepared financially and are knowledgeable about land ownership and the purchasing and selling procedure.

If you wanted to make hundreds of millions of dollars, you would need a lot of cash, but you could start small by purchasing just one plot and work your way up to purchasing tens of plots and acres, selling them continuously all year long.

Flipping houses involves a lot of real estate expertise, marketing, and restoration. One needs the necessary funds and the ability to supervise repairs when they are required for house flipping to succeed.

The Present of Rental Houses

Land ownership and investing in rental houses are both established traditions. After purchasing a property, you rent it to renters. The upkeep costs of the rental property are your responsibility as the landlord.

For individuals with DIY and restoration abilities and the patience to supervise tenants, investing in rental houses may be a rewarding enterprise. Even while this tactic doesn’t need much money up front, it does need a lot to pay for maintenance and cover the months when it’s empty.

Trusts that invest in real estate (REITs)

Real Estate Investment Trusts are unfamiliar to many people in Nigeria (REITs). The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) oversees collective investment plans known as real estate investment trusts, or REITs (SEC). These schemes pool the money from investors to buy mortgage loans, income-producing real estate, or a mix of the two.

For those who want to own rental properties but don’t want the effort of managing them, real estate investment trusts (REITs) are the perfect option. Access to financing and a reserve of funds are necessary for investing in REITs.

A single investor may hold one or more self-contained living units in a REIT, and the investment group takes care of managing each unit on the investor’s behalf, including upkeep, advertising vacancies, and conducting tenant interviews. tenants. The business receives a portion of the monthly fee in return for performing these management duties.

It is important to read about the real estate development, before you read about Real Estate Investment Platforms in Nigeria.

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Real Estate Development

Real estate development requires a lot of capital. In this scenario, properties are bought in desirable locations, renovated into opulent apartments, buildings for commerce, etc., and then sold at a very high profit margin.

For instance, if you invest N200 million in building a home in a prime area, you should anticipate receiving at least N400 million when you sell it. When thinking about property development, a good site is essential.

Real estate investment is just the beginning. Within these instances, there are innumerable real estate investing possibilities. The real estate market has a lot of promise, but like with any investment, you need exercise caution, perform your due diligence, study, and balance the pros and cons before acting.

5 Top Real Estate Investment Platforms In Nigeria


Risevest is one of the Real Estate Investment Platforms in Nigeria. Users of the web-based investment platform Risevest can make investments in stocks, bonds, and real estate. You can invest through Risevest in a portfolio of American real estate properties. Rent and capital interests are two ways that your dollar investment will yield a profit for you.

The investing platform offers discounted prices on high-demand properties in the US. These homes are turned into rentals or sales.

Each property that Risevest purchases is divided into 10,000 investment units, each worth $10.

All Risevest properties in the US are protected against loss, damage, and loss of rental income by insurance.

We can’t go without listing as also one of the Real Estate Investment Platforms in Nigeria. Treasury notes, stocks, mutual funds, and real estate are among the investments available on the online investing platform.

Through’s fractional property platform or by purchasing shares of Real Estate Investment Trusts, you can invest in real estate (REITs).

By pooling funds, you can co-own real estate holdings with other investors using’s fractional property feature. You can purchase however many units you wish using our real estate investment platform.


Coreum also emerges as one of the Real Estate Investment Platforms in Nigeria on our list. Coreum, in contrast to and Rise Vest, is entirely dedicated to real estate investing. Using this Nigerian real estate investment platform, you can invest in a portion of a property.

You can purchase real estate or residential structures using this Coreum. Each property on Coreum is divided into 100 units. You may also purchase an unlimited number of units.

A minimum investment in Coreum is N50,000. The anticipated return on investment (ROI) might be between 7.1% and 15%.


Oxfordvest is a multi-partnership investing platform that enables investors to participate in a range of industries, including banking and finance, real estate, oil and gas, and agriculture, and receive a respectable return on their capital (ROI).

Payments in naira, dollars, euros, and pounds can be made via ATM, USSD, mobile apps, internet banking, and mobile banking.

Chagoury Group

Chagoury is also among the Real Estate Investment Platforms in Nigeria. Early in the 1970s, the Chagoury group’s humble beginnings included the manufacturing of flour and maize. The Chagoury Group is currently one of Nigeria’s largest real estate firms.

The Chagoury company, however, finally found its footing and established their main concentration as a construction division. Since then, they have developed into one of the top businesses in west Africa. Their main office is in Lagos, Nigeria.

Tens of thousands of trained, competent, committed, and strong workers are employed by Chagoury real estate with the goal of establishing industrial connections between Africa, China, and Latin America.

It makes sense why they are among Nigeria’s top estate developers.

They are meticulous and cognizant of regional market demands. Being a forward-thinking employer, they offer all of their employees a safer working environment and give them unmatched access to private healthcare, pensions, and family benefits.

Real Estate Investment Platforms in Nigeria
Real Estate Investment Platforms in Nigeria

What Is The Cost Of Real Estate Investing In Nigeria?

The minimum investment in real estate in Nigeria is between 2 million and 5 million naira.

Is Investing In Real Estate A Smart Move In Nigeria?

No other investment category produces as much passive income as real estate does. You can make passive, cool money by investing in real estate, whether it’s commercial or residential, and renting it out. You know how you save for rent for the majority of the year just to reluctantly give it to one landlord or landlady when it is due? That’s how you’ll feel, only you’ll be the one on the receiving end, grinning ear to ear.

Wrapping Up Real Estate Investment Platforms in Nigeria

However, having listed the Real Estate Investment Platforms in Nigeria, you have to read about the terms of service of any Real Estate Investment Platforms in Nigeria before you proceed.

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