Facts about the urban and rural education system in Nigeria

Education is the most important aspect in societal development school plays a major role in development. As for students, they need to have good skills and be proactive with an appropriate futuristic set of mind.  Besides that, students also need to be active in co-curricular activities along with high academic achievements. Urban areas relate to … Read more

McPherson University MCU School fee amount schedule for 2020/2021 academic session

McPherson University (MCU) Tuition Schedule and Payment Policy for New Students and Returning Students for Academic Sessions 2020/2021.McPherson University (MPU), Ogun, has posted the amount of fees that all newly admitted students will have to pay for the 2020/2021 academic session. Below is a breakdown of fees for all McPherson University (MPU) students at Ogun … Read more

Kano State Polytechnic collaborates with Bayero University Kano for the introduction of six new courses

Kano State Polytechnic claims to collaborate with Bayero University, Kano, BUK, to introduce six new Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) programs. Chancellor Dr. Kabir Belo Dungurawa made this point while speaking with reporters from the state over the weekend. Dr. Dungurawa said that his party contacted the university to take courses, namely automotive engineering, construction … Read more

How to print certificates for participating in the MAN Lagos Olympiad

How to print certificates for participating in the MAN Lagos Olympiad Check Steps and Guide to Printing the Lagos Mathematical Association (MAN) Olympic Participation Certificate, Chapter 2021 [FREE]. This is tk notify all candidates who have taken the MAN Lagos Olympic exam, that they can now verify their results and print various certificates of attendance … Read more

How a good quality teacher can influence the students positively in some ways

When a teacher has a lot of good qualities, it is very obvious that such a teacher will be capable to influence the Students in a lot of proper ways. But what are the ways to determine a good quality teacher or what are the characteristics of a good quality teacher? There are many undisputable … Read more

Ways to facilitate the teaching of Basic science subject in secondary, and primary schools in Nigeria

Basic science in secondary/primary school is very essential for students because the subject comprises a lot of topics which the students in the country should have knowledge about. It is very important for the students in the country to have deep knowledge of basic science as it can contribute to the growth of a country … Read more

Indiscipline in Secondary school in Nigeria, and how the Students exhibit the behavior

The rate at which indiscipline is aggravating in the country is not encouraging at all, most especially in our schools. To shed more light on it that is why this article is written. It is to expose the act of indiscipline in the secondary schools in Nigeria so that indiscipline would be eradicated in our … Read more

Discourse on the problems facing the Government-owned schools in Nigeria and solutions to it

A school is a place where educational institutions provide primary and secondary education, prior to tertiary education, according to “wiktionary.org”. This generally means a school is a place where learning of educational activities for the students takes place. But what are the problems that are affecting the government-owned school in Nigeria? The problems are going … Read more

How does Education contribute to the national development? And the ways to improve it in the country

Education is the main pillar of any society. In all spheres of a nation, education plays a major role. As we all know, education simply means the process of acquiring knowledge and without the facts how does a nation develop? In the world today some countries are called developed while others are developing or underdeveloped, … Read more

Guide to payment, verification, and registration of entrance fees for Benue State University (BSU) 2020/2021

Benue State University (BSU), Makurdi New Students/New Students Pay entrance fees, upload admission documents, review and registration procedures, and 2020/2021 academic session guidelines. This is to inform all applicants who have been successfully admitted to Benue State University’s undergraduate program for the 2020/2021 academic session that they can now proceed to pay the entry fee … Read more

Definition of a unitary System of government and Reasons for the adoption of the unitary system government

Definition of a unitary system of government, reasons for a adoption of the unitary system of government, features of a unitary system of government, merits of a unitary system of government, and demerits of a unitary system of government. Definition of a unitary system of government/Unitary State      A unitary system of government can be … Read more

Delta State appears to be the State that has the highest number of Universities in Nigeria

This comes after the National University Commission (NUC) approved four new facilities on Friday (March 26). According to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, Delta is now the country with the highest number of universities in Nigeria. Governor Ifeanyi Okowa announced this interesting fact on his Twitter page on Saturday 27 March. The governor of Delta said it … Read more