Definition of constitution

    Definition of constitution    A constitution is defined as a bodyof agreed rules and principles stating how topowers of governing a country are given andhow these powers are to be exercised. Constitution isestablishes a basic framework or fundamental law of the land. By so doing, it checks and sets limits not only to the … Read more

Meaning of fundamental human right

Definition     Fundamental human rights can be defined as those inalienable (natural) rights, and privileges enjoyed by the citizens of a given state, which is usually stated in the constitution of the country.  It is the responsibility of the state to ensure that its citizens enjoy these rights. These are the rights of the … Read more

Definition of Decentralization of Power | types, merits, demerits

Definition of Decentralization of Power, Types Decentralization of Power, Merits of Decentralization of Power, Demerits of Decentralization of Power. Definition of decentralization of power:Decentralization of power has to do with the sharing of power between the central government and other constituent units, within a political system. Powers are, therefore, distributed to these different units, thereby … Read more

Meaning of Constitutionalism

   MEANING OF CONSTITUTIONALISM        Constitutionalism is based on the belief that the powers of the various organs of the government should be defined and regulated by the constitution, so that those who govern the Society do so without denying or violating human dignity. This shows that limitations are placed in the performance of their functions … Read more