Definition of Political party

Definition of political party, characteristics of a political party, importance of a political party, disadvantages/demerits of a political, types/structures of a political party.      A political party is defined as an organized group of citizens, who act together as an a political unit, having distinctive aims and objectives involving political questions in the state and … Read more

Meaning of Political Participation

Definition:       Political participation is defined as the process whereby individuals get themselves involved in political activities and the decision-making of their country. Forms of political participation Individual’spolitical participation may take the following forms; 1. Voting in elections: This is one of the ways of political participation and it allows the individual to vote for … Read more

Definition of a Citizen: Rights of a citizen

Definition of a Citizen, rights of a citizen, ways of acquiring of a citizenship, qualifications of a citizenship, ways of losing of a citizenship, ways of safeguarding a citizen rights, limitations to a citizen rights, differences between a citizen and non-citizen A citizen is defined as a legal member of a state with full constitutional … Read more

Meaning of Liberty

                   Definition: Liberty is defined as the ability or willingness to do something and the power of doing what has been conceived without interference or influence from any other source. However, liberty, as defined above, could be an impossibility for all citizens at the same time. The … Read more