WAEC Press Release on the 72nd Nigeria Examinations Committee (NEC) Meeting

WAEC Press Release

The 72nd Nigerian Examination Commission (NEC) meeting of the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) was held from Thursday 27 to Saturday 29 January 2022 at the WAEC Testing and Training Center (WTTC), Ogba – Lagos.

WAEC’s supreme decision-making committee for exams in Nigeria meets twice a year to discuss issues related to the West African High School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) for school and private candidates.

Its leader is a candidate for government leader in the Council. Committee members consist of four representatives each from the state ministry of education and the Abuja Federal Capital Territory Department of Education (FCT), ANCOPSS and universities. It also includes the Secretary of the Council, Head of the Nigerian National Office, Head of the Test Development Unit (TDD) and Head of the Test Administration Unit (TAD) as well as the Nigerian National Office.

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At the 72nd session, the Committee received reports of irregularities, special cases and pardons arising from the implementation of WASSCE for Private Candidates, 2020 – Second Series and WASSCE for Private Candidates, 2021 – First Series, previously discussed at the 71st session of the Committee. KPPU also receives and examines reports on the implementation of the WASSCE for 2021 School Applicants, as well as cases of irregularities arising from the examination.

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In its examination of the various reported abuse cases, the Committee, after extensive discussion, agreed on appropriate sanctions for all identified abuse cases, as required by the Board’s Rules of Procedure. This allows the cancellation of all results from candidates who have been proven to have participated in violations that result in a full result revocation (CER) penalty, while the results of candidates who are proven to participate in abuse cases that result in a Subjective Outcome Reversal Sanction (CSR) sanction must also be revoked.

In addition, some candidates face other sanctions, such as a two-year ban from taking the Board exam. Some schools were abolished for several years or de-recognized altogether. Some supervisors who violated their checks were officially reported to their employers and blacklisted, while some bystanders were also reported to the relevant disciplinary authorities.

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The committee’s decision will soon be implemented and the applicant and the school concerned will be notified by the board. However, the results of the candidates released by the committee will be announced soon.

In support, the Committee reviewed WASSCE special cases, pardons, confiscation and restitution cases for School Applicants, 2021. The Commission also received reports on WASSCE Statistics and Registration Results for Private Applicants, 2020 – Second Series and WASSCE for Private Applicants, 2021 – Series First . In addition, he received and reviewed the summary report of the WASSCE Principal Examiner for Private Applicants, 2021 – First Series and WASSCE for School Applicants, 2021. He also received and reviewed the Qualification Testing Department (ATD) Activity Report, for the period April 2021 to December 2021 and for the activities of the Council Research Department for the period April 2021 to November 2021.

Regarding the General Summary of the Principal Auditor’s Report on WASSCE for Private Applicants 2021 – Front Row. The Commission notes the Auditor-in-Chief’s comments that the standard of the document is positive compared to previous years and that the clarity and accuracy of the subjects deserve attention as they fall within the scope of the curriculum. They also say that the headlines are clear, the topics are clear, and the rating scheme is comprehensive. The Committee noted various shortfalls of applicants reported by the Chief examiner.

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The committee commends the detailed report on statistics and results of the WASSCE Private Candidates 2020 – Series Two and the WASSCE Private Candidates 2021 – Series One, as well as the attention paid to applicants with special needs. They also realized that this would further support and enhance the development of the Nigerian federal government’s special education policy.

Finally, after noting the success and outstanding performance of candidates applying to WASSCE for candidate schools in 2021, the Committe congratulates the leadership of the Nigerian National Service and stakeholders on the candidate’s overall performance, showing a significant improvement over the previous examination representation.

Published by the Department of Public Relations.
Signed: Moyosola Adeyegbe – Ag. Director, Public Relations
WAEC, Yaba, Lagos – January 29, 2022
for: Head of National Agency

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